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Brett Hufziger Photography has been proud to be a part of both the Dynamic Women and Power Player Features For Miami Modern Luxury Magazine. In both cases the magazine features full page portraits of the recipients as well as outstanding write-ups describing just what makes each recipient special. The portraits were captured during full 1-2 day photo shoots at prestigious locations such as Turnberry Resort, Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour and St. Regents Bal Harbour Resort and Spa.

In each case, the challenge to the photographer was to find interesting and unique photography settings for a multitude of individuals, create a comfortable professional environment and rapport with the subject for each session all in a very short time period in order to deliver that special image that sufficiently honored and represented the image of each recipient.

These same skills are abundant for all of our portrait sessions.
Linda Dunn Carter 4K2A3474-54 BHUFRobin Eliani 4K2A3069-1236 BHUFAlieth Guanche 4K2A0634 BHUF-EditAngelica 4K2A0140 BHUFAshley WIlliams 4K2A3214-1239 BHUF eeBeatriz 4K2A1214Dr. Leyda Bowes 4K2A0448 BHUF reduceKristen Nealy 4K2A0115 BHUF Final DressLateefah Paramore 4K2A3180-1238 BHUFLisa Schuster 4K2A0799 BHUFDeborah 4K2A0949 BHUFCarla 4K2A0356 BHUFCarla Corbo  Carla Corbo  4K2A3090-1237 BHUF BHUF suggested cropMaryam Miranda 4K2A3279-58h BHUFMichele Benesch 4K2A0563 BHUFMonica Melotti  4K2A3388-1228 BHUFNkem Okwu 5 4K2A3575-1272 BHUF suggested cropSandra 4K2A1252Sarah 4K2A1300 BHUFShanae 4K2A0967 BHUF BHUF Final Approved